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Jef Beerens


8 Minutes




Scene 1:
We see a front door swing open, where Levi greets the Cameraman and asks if he is the one sent by the company. After getting confirmation, he lets him in. They sit down and start talking. The Cameraman explains that this is being recorded for the recruits' training and that he will be following Levi all day, where Levi should just do what he normally does. Levi shows him his room with his tools and demonstrates for the camera what they will be using tonight: a kitchen knife, a stone in a sock, a contract, and a bomb vest. After some conversations, it's time to leave.

Scene 2:
Levi, the Cameraman, and Levi's mother are in the car. Levi's mother is driving while Levi and the Cameraman talk about something unimportant. When they arrive at their destination, they see through the window a man, woman, and child eating. Levi tells the Cameraman to stay in the car until he is inside the house, and gives him a white plastic bag with the bomb vest and the contract. Levi gets out with the stone, the sock, and the knife but leaves the bomb vest with the Cameraman in the car. He rings the doorbell, the man opens the door, looks at Levi, and then gets hit by the stone in the sock and falls down. Levi begins repeatedly hitting him on the head and then walks inside. The Cameraman gets out of the car and walks to the front door.

Scene 3:
The camera enters the house and we see the bloody body of the man, followed by a scream from the woman. The Cameraman walks towards the action and sees Levi dragging the woman into the kitchen while holding the knife. After a brief moment, the screaming stops and a bloody Levi steps out of the kitchen. He says, "Now let's find that devil child" and steps past the camera to challenge the child to come out. After some searching, they hear a noise from upstairs. Levi walks upstairs with the Cameraman on his heels. Levi goes from room to room until he finally sees the child lying under a blanket on the bed. Levi jumps on the child, wrestles with him on the floor, and knocks him out. Levi picks him up and says he needs the vest.

Scene 4:
Levi is in the garden with the child in the bomb vest. He starts shouting towards the forest that overlooks the garden. After a few moments, silhouettes of men begin to appear. After a moment of silence, they all start getting upset. Some start crying and begging, while others start shouting in anger. But everyone goes quiet the moment Levi threatens the unconscious child with a knife. A woman in a robe steps out of the forest towards Levi. Levi steps to the Cameraman and asks for the contract. He begins to mock the woman and waves the contract in her face. Levi says, "Okay listen, here's a contract. I won't harm you and your devil spawn and will leave you alone forever, as long as you leave my town." Levi gives the contract to the woman, who cuts her hand and uses the blood to sign the contract. Levi gives the unconscious child to the woman, who then walks away into the forest. Levi goes to the Cameraman and shows him the controller for the bomb in the vest and says he should press this button when he counts to 3. The Cameraman says he's normally not allowed to participate, but Levi threatens to kill him if he doesn't do it. Hesitantly, the Cameraman agrees and places his finger on the button. Levi counts down and the Cameraman presses the button. We hear an explosion followed by a lot of people screaming. Levi says they need to run to the car, they get in, and drive away. Levi looks at the camera and says, "So this is how you take out a devil child. I hope you paid attention in class." End.


Writer/Director/Producer - Jef Beerens

Matts Mertens