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Ty Jones


8 Minutes




Terror awaits a young couple as they fight over going to the young mans parents house the next day for thanksgiving.

Ty Jones erupted from the womb ready to be a filmmaker. He's been writing since he was 7, but once he started making films, he knew he had discovered the purpose for his volcanic imagination. In 1998, Ty picked up an 8mm camera and shot his first film. Since then, he has studied with the Hollywood Film Institute in Chicago and in Los Angeles with Dov Simmons, who also helped Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino begin their careers.

Over the last 16 years, Ty has directed more than 40 short films, some of which have played around the world at film festivals. He has also worked on over 200 projects, including commercials for NASCAR, Sprint, Walmart and national television programs. Ty has held most positions in the film industry, ranging from Director, DP to Crane Operator. You name it (outside of Make-Up) and Ty has probably done it.

Because Ty has learned the technical aspects of filmmaking in all genres, he knows well how to express his creativity in a way that touches a person's emotional core, excites the viewer, and makes the audience laugh. Ty knows how to tell a story.

Ty has also studied ferociously the craft of acting for over 10 years. This pursuit has made him a better actor, but more importantly, his studies have enabled him to better communicate as a director with his actors to get their best performances. After working with Ty, Jeff Burr, a respected filmmaker with over 20 feature credits to his name, asked Ty to come to LA to work on Jeff's latest feature, "The Devil's Den." In 2005, Ty moved to LA and worked on numerous features, learning the ins and outs of Hollywood and the film industry.

Ty returned to Kansas City to shoot his first feature film, "Last Breath," which won numerous awards and received national distribution. Ty's desire for his first feature was that the experience would resonate with viewers long after they left the theater. He received numerous emails from viewers who expressed the dramatic change the film brought to their lives.

Ty is currently working on 3 feature films, a documentary and 2 narrative features.


Director/Producer - Ty Jones
Producer - Patrick Rea
Associate Producer- Jake Jackson
Director of Photography - Chris Commons
Composer- Ben Benefield
Production Designer- Laura Strugar
Editor- Patrick Rea

Jessi Burkette - Tina
Mike Anderson - Gary
Dawn Linneman - Mom
Andy Garrison - Dad