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Shreedhi Jainesh Ejardar


4 Minutes





Schizophrenia Simulation: Dhruv Mehra, a schizophrenic who is also an aspiring law pursuer, who’s parents died in a car accident. Due to a missed prescription, Dhruv experiences his first schizophrenic episode after a very long time during the middle of his class test.

I always knew that holding a camera and envisioning imagination to be a reality is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. A majority of my day goes by imagining how exhilarating it would be to be able to make films and learn about them on a daily basis. I found myself decoding meanings in films and appreciating films to the depths of art from a very young age and felt it developing over the years. Film-making is a career that allows me to have creative liberty and provides a huge spectrum of freedom to mold my work into how I would like to present it which is something I greatly appreciate. I believe studying films and indulging in making films dedicatedly would give me exposure to a wide range of filmic abilities which allows me to consistently grow myself as an artist, I am a person who is truly passionate about her decision to pursue film-making and would never give it up for anything else in life since I have evaluated the amount of joy and space for the growth my choice of career gives me.

Shreedhi Ejardar has been an aspiring filmmaker since a very young age and currently pursuing BA in filmmaking as an undergraduate at one of the best film schools based in India; Whistling Woods international.*
Shreedhi has attended 4 qualified filmmaking workshops including ones by 'FTIl' and My first film.' and has also studied film as a subject for 2+ years under the school board "International
Baccalaureate diploma' (IBDP). Having worked on 10+ short films,
Shreedhi has been able to recognize her liking for the role of Direction, Cinematography and editing but has properly explored all major production roles that are a part of the film-making process such as
writing, music, and even acting in all these years.


Director/Writer - Shreedhi Jainesh Ejardar
Producer - Ayush Milind Bhavsar
Director of Photography - Tilak kumar Mudey
Special Thanks -
Tushar Paranjape
Ahmed Khan
Huzaifa Sir
Anuradha Bhatia

Svar Santosh Kamble