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Folks, this was a tough one for me. I am normally a fan of "cheesy," creature features but this one aggravated me a bit more than expected. All dialogue was tainted by, what felt as, inauthentic accents, unearned emotional moments, and "tropidacious," villainous writing. This life raft of 1940's characters boarded a boat of predictability in a fruitless attempt of saving themselves from the cold water of linear writing. Now, the overall idea of this film had potential and the set itself was visually stimulating with many contrasting lighting angles and mechanical structures to work against. AND this film leaned heavily on the monster driving the actions of the characters, which in my book is what a creature feature is all about. With all of this, I do not feel like this is a film I would ever recommend.However, as much as I would love to hear this line one less time in this film, "I've had worse."




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