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No amount of early 90's, B-list, Supporting lead star power, nor multi million dollar, hand crafted jungle set - no matter how awe inspiring it may be - can save Congo from its pit falls. These include, but are certainly not limited to, stale and phony dialogue, shallow and half hearted characters, offensively stereotypical accents and an abundance of animatronic ape puppets that are more uncomfortable than intriguing. If anything, the story had potential. It is a classic adventurous set up about a mysterious lost kingdom guarded by some deadly creature of old. Unfortunately they drowned an acceptable main story line with a bunch of half-cocked off shoots that are distracting and unneeded. Congo was released around the same time as some heavy hitters in the blockbuster world that did it right, which, I guess is why, some may regard this film as a 'hidden gem'. DO NOT listen to those people. Congo, is hidden and does have some gems in it (literally there are fake diamonds), but it should not be uncovered and should be viewed only with the proper PPE - bourbon, beer, bud and BITENIGHT.




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