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Monster Design: Weird Flesh creatures were the closest we got... not really monsters

Monster Originality: kinda no monsters at all

Monster Interaction: not even monsters...

Monster Fear Factor: can you have a fear factor without monsters?

Practical Effects: "just jam you fingers in the bloody spot..."

CGI/Animation: Green screen, Naruto running zombie, and some mist. Ass.

FX Makeup: I was diggin' on about 30 seconds of weird skinless people...

Story: Quite literally, no idea what was happening. and that wasn't the whiskey...

Characters: Hugely basic character personalities.

Dialogue: What are they even talking about...

This film had a massive amount confusion. Any action or combat was covered by poor flashlight work and if someone could explain even half of the plot to me, I'd appreciate it. Who wears a zipper that big? Girl power fist bump? "Poor basement. Skinless people." Oddly, a few notable people signed on to just say random shit into a camera. The one woman in the five evils looked like she was tripping balls. This was a tough one for me. I don't believe this is a creature feature.




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