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Monster Design: Loving the texture of the creatures and the detain of features
Monster Interaction: Multiple twists and turns of monsters capabilities.
Monster Originality: Human qualities but with very jarring and distinct differences
Monster Fear Factor: Dirty naked bats, some jumps but also some creeps

Practical Effects: If I didn't know which practical effects were not CGI, means a lot.
CGI/Animation: Some eerie unexplainable moments that created magic
FX Makeup: THE DETAIL. Loved the moisture on the monsters and the coloration of skin

Story: Strong moments of not feeling led in one direction and connecting biblical with supernatural
Characters: Was not on board with deputy early on but stepped away from cliché and into mass disbelief
Dialogue: Felt authentic mostly and didn't take me out of the story.

The set dressing was phenomenal and the opening of the film drew me in hugely. Great ears on the lead. Foreshadowing was
hugely entertaining. Brought in some classic themes but turned in original and intriguing avenues.




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