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HORROR DESIGN - I rather liked the critters but wasn't able to see a lot of them.
FX AND HMU - The monsters weren't very well done in my opinion.
COSTUME AND SET DEC - I will give some support to the set dec but those helmets were ridiculous.
ORIGINALITY - Not a whole lot new here but i thought the monsters were kinda cool.
TONE - Delightfully 2005
PACING - Lots of action! Just Poorly filmed.
DIALOGUE - Really rough.
CHARACTERS - Minimal. On all fronts.
STORY - Folks getting into a cave and trying to get out. That's kind of it.
EXECUTION - I think it achieved what it came here to do?

This film is very 2005. Lots of dramatic music and poorly acted masculine tropes. The creatures were well designed but they were seen in very quick cut scenes and the underwater chaos was a bit hard to handle. A fun time if you search for films with a lot of action but not a great deal of story to invigorate the senses. A VERY predictable plot and I found myself calling most of the dramatic moments well before they played out. Cersei is in it though!




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