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Monster Design - Although not a monster, the staple faces were intriguing.
Monster Interaction - They chased these poor souls over hill and dale.
Monster Originality - I wasn't moved by the creativity of "monster."
Monster Fear Factor - Actually got me a little early on but as we continued, then it became predictable.

Practical Effects - Really appreciated a few of these stabbing and cutting effects.
CGI/Animation - Light on the CGI but not noticeable.
FX Makeup - GREAT staple faces.

Story - Rather campy and a couple of holes.
Characters - Not a great deal felt authentic. Bordered on comic and silly.
Dialogue - I found that some of the characters dialogue were rather one note. More important, there were some sneaky accents.

Right. So. Is this a monster movie? Arguably not. SPOILERS reveal that the creatures you see early in the film are actually science experiments (human beings) who have entered this unit before. With an attempt at leaning into this being a "creature feature," there is merit to this film. The make-up looked great and the movie mostly worked in it's confined strengths of entirely being in one location. Now story wise, this film is just a notch away from being a simple slasher. What is the motivation of the killer? Why should we care about these characters? How long has this guy been doing this? Would have loved some answers there. A very middle of the road bitenight movie but worth your time if you like something like Saw meets Cabin in the Woods.




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