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Troll Hunter dives deep into a simple premise, commanding the audience's attention with a fast paced script, witty dialogue, and an acute eye for detail. The borderline goofy premise of a quasi game warden trolloligist single handedly protecting the wilds of Norway by regulating the resident troll population is balanced perfectly with earnest, believable performances from the ensemble cast and a deep, well rounded, story arch. Troll Hunter knows exactly what it is and remains true to its light hearted, yet grippingly dark tone from intro text to rolling credits. The attention to detail is not lost on the entirely computer generated trolls who's design pokes fun at tropes from old fairy tales and kid's books by applying science, forcing the mythical beasts to abide by the rules of the real world. These short, sweet, concise and delicious little moments of scientific expose - like linking the phenomenon of trolls turning to stone to a lethal calcium deficiency or explaining away multiple heads like a male peacocks plumage - seamlessly link the world they have created to the one we all live in, making it almost impossible to not suspend one's disbelief. Troll Hunter is a must watch, proving that a good film starts with a great story, thought all the way through down to the smallest detail.




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