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Contrary to the beliefs of many classic horror fanatics, being the first is not always equal to being the best. Deep Star Six demonstrates this phenomenon with fervor. Even the now hackneyed plot of deep sea rigging unearthing some ancient and deadly force that, at the time would have felt new and exciting, is suffocated by shallow, misogynistic caricatures and boring, derivative storytelling. There is some creative charm in the classic practical effects techniques featured heavily in film. Although the end results are clunky, focusing on the craftsmanship behind each miniature submarine floating through a fishing wire rigged stage, allows for a certain nostalgic amusement. The same can be said for the giant puppeteered crustacean. Nostalgia for the scrappy effects techniques of the 80's aside - and of course with all do respect to the grandfathers of the genre, those who did it first - the shallow story and bland characters just can't sustain a full 105 minutes of entertainment.




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