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It's gutsy to tackle a classic. Especially one that holds such cult esteem like Fright Night. But, against the odds director, Chris Gillespie, manages to do right by the namesake. There's certainly a heavy presence of tropey early 00's Hollywood monotony - derivative Highschool jocks and cheap CGI explosions - but even still the flick's perfect sense of humor makes for a good classic feel that out weighs any of the soulless blockbuster antics. The classic tone and goofy gore vibes manage to keep pace with the original's charm. Taking the already lovable cast of characters to new heights is an incredible headline performance from Colin Farrell as the modernized version of the brooding sexy vamp. He, along with David Tenant and Anton Yelchin, manage to truly breath new life into Brewster and the gang, making for a reboot that feels like a refreshing homage to the original.




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