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Goblin's cast of characters are half-cocked regurgitations of people from other, more successful stories. More than anything, all elements of this script lack depth, reason and direction. The mother and son duo, the protagonists of the film, lack any sort of back story, so when terrible things start to happen to them it isn't engaging. I'm not worried about this lady and her kid because I don't know them. I don't have any reason to care about her any more than I might care about the horrifically and borderline offensive portrayal of the ex-military, gun toting, tobacco chewing, jacked-up truck driving, wife beating husband.
I feel as though the real trouble with this film started way early on with the writing, so by the time it got to production it was tool late. No amount of cinematic tools could save it. Even if the actors were half way believable, which they were not, the words they were written are so boring and derived that it still would fall flat.

Overlaid onto this stale backdrop of a story, like an amateur green screen treatment, is a fully CGI goblin that looks like a 5 year old's rendition of the wicked witch of the west and Danny Devito mashed together. The creature awkwardly bumbles around the film, not interacting with any of the physical propping . It looks like it could have walked out of a Playstation 2 game. The poor quality of the creature, like the story, can be accredited to a lack of thought and depth. The creatures look is boring and hackneyed and lacks purpose and a consistent anatomy. We are never really filled in on why it is or how it is or what it wants.

Obviously this film was produced on thousands not millions, but I am very confident that no amount of money could have increased its value enough to make it watchable. Goblin haunts suburb. A solid premise and a great starting point for a film project. It's just that everything went wrong from that point on.




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