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Monstrous attempts to dip its little yeti toes into multiple challenging genres - thriller, creature feature, teen romance, slasher - but it's greediness or rather its delusions of grandeur, cause it to fall short of the mark on all avenues. While there are more yeti sightings in the 30 second teaser than in the entire hour and half long movie, there is no shortage of sexual blatancy. The frequency and longevity of the sex and make-out sessions, each doing little to push forward what weak story the film has to offer, are uncomfortable and almost give off the impression that the urge for the action was present before film was written to facilitate it. In between locking lips leading ladies, Anna Shields and Rachel Finninger, deliver perfectly believable performances in spite of being presented with abysmally shallow characters. Even Big Foot himself, lumbering in at the climax of the story and representing the film's last chance at redemption, just didn't quite have the reach. Monstrous promises its audience a courageous hunt for a terrifying beast, but it delivers a fur suit that only looks good backlit and a face makeup that can only play in the dark.




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