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Unlike the original, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula, takes place in a fully imaginary world where the least extraordinary thing going on is the horde of Zombies. We're no longer looking at a group of real people, in the real world, with real rules as we did with the first Train to Busan. Instead, with the sequel, we're thrust into a world with physics more adjacent to an interplanetary Marvel movie. Peninsula also lacks any depth in the characters which is yet another reason why it pales in comparison to the original. The richness the first gained from it's heavy themes in Father to Daughter relations and the inner struggles of becoming a better man is replaced with a guy who's a weirdly good with a semi automatic. really the only through-line that connects these two vastly different films is the impeccable performances from the Zombie ensemble. Never before have I seen such brilliant physicality from a bunch of extras in any other zombie movie, franchise or not. The performances are matched by some incredible makeups, not a new look by any stretch, but a well executed classic. All this said, i did score Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula as a stand alone and didn't dock it any points for not living up to its predecessor. On it's own its a fun watch with some really well done zombies, but the story, the characters and a lot of the action feel like a mash up of other movies. I saw a lot of the mad max originals, I saw a WHOLE lot of Land of the Dead, there's some World War Z and War of the Worlds in there. Watch it, you'll have fun.




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