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Splice is a chilling and modern revamp of the mad scientist conundrum. Expertly crafted by sci-fi veteran, Vincenzo Natali, and perfectly executed by his all star cast, Splice's heavy injection of real world science into an already captivating story immediately thrusts the audience into a dark, brooding - if not a little disturbing - reality. Captivating performances from Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as two earnest, but fatally misguided scientists keep that tight hold on viewers so that by the end of the credits you'll let out a deep sigh and wonder if you'd been holding your breath the whole 90 minutes.

Arguably, the real monsters of this story are the flawed human characters, but Delphine Chanéac's artful creature acting coupled with a top tier make up and augmented by just the right amount of subtle CGI elevates Splice's beast to heights well above your average Frankenstein's monster.

This is not casual viewing for the uninitiated sci-fi fan. Its story is dark. Smart, but dark. It's the kind of flick that chills your bones and a month later will still trigger a little grimace when a scene flashes back to the front of you brain. Watch with care, but definitely watch.




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