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Just really not original in any aspect. This movie gets some points for having a few good practical gags. A couple succsesful ones and a bunch of ambitous ones that looked shitty. The story was not clear, the tone was not consistent, the pacing dragged, the monster wasnt cool or scary, the dialogue was cheesy in a bad way. one thing i thought was a cool idea was the half way flooded city, but that did nothing to drive the story forward. it was like they had to shoot in a flood for scheduling reasons and then added some weird text at the top to explain the cool snorkel jeep and submerged london streets. They talked a bunch abou the creature being some type of mutant rat, but by the time we finally see the thing it looks more like a shit hole version of Venom from spiderman. Also the headis clearly a motorcycle helmet. "im the police, dickhead"




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