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I really enjoyed this movie. I'm all about a very science based monster flick and space movies are also up my alley so this one really checks a few boxes for me. I thought the acting was strong, I thought the set and props were really beautiful. The mars rovers (CGI and Practical elements) were so well done. Where it all fell off for me though was in the anatomy of the mars zombies. For a movie that is goes so deep with the sciencey shit, like why they're on mars, and what they've found and how they know what it is and what it might be doing and how they might kill it ( vaporizing antibiotics and crazy smart stuff like that) they leave such gaping holes around the anatomy of the Z'z themselves. Like, how does this thing actually spread? One guy got with a drill bit in the gut, another a knife to the thigh and they both turned? Why does the bug make the host want to murder people? Cause that's how it spread? And why was there one Zombie at the end who was eating somebody? Aside from that, the Zombie make ups were the weakest makeups of the movie. Just hackneyed grey and sunken eye looks. The wound and gore makeups, on the other hand, looked incredible! It's a good watch all around. I wouldn't have been so nit picky if it had been a bad movie, but it was a good movie, so I'm being a little more harsh.




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