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Vampires vs The Bronx is oozing with charm. It vibes light-heatedly and is reminiscent of classics like Attack the Block or even Fright Night in its over all feel. Its quippy and maybe goofy at times writing style really allows the young cast to shine in their ensemble performance. The community of characters is a joy to watch and is strengthened by the way The Bronx is introduced as a character in and of itself. While the look of the Vampires was pretty old hat - hackneyed 'Buffy' makeup with a prominent brow, black eyes and an immaculate beauty treatment - the motivation, and it's ties to gentrification, really bumped the overall design of the monsters into a higher category for me. The parallels between the influx of white yuppies sucking the culture and flavor out of historically black neighborhoods and the creeping rise of a pack of blood thirsty vampires is not subtle and it is executed with style and an eye for detail that had me beaming from start to finish. In the end Vamps V Bronx was a very pleasant surprise for me. It's a really fun flick on it's own and for a Netflix movie it is way above par. I cannot recommend it highly enough.




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