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Rui Dong


8 Minutes`





A grieving woman, Kate, becomes obsessed with a mysterious antique mirror, she begins to experience supernatural occurrences and visions of her deceased lover, leading her to a terrifying realization about the true nature of the mirror.

In "The Mirror," my journey as a director was deeply personal, guided by a fascination with the symbolism of mirrors and their multifaceted role in our lives. Mirrors, often regarded as portals to our own reflection, have long held a mystical allure, serving as both witnesses to our most intimate moments and as conduits to a world beyond our understanding.

As I embarked on the creation of this 8-minute short film, I found myself captivated by the notion that mirrors not only reflect our physical appearance but also our innermost emotions. In "The Mirror," the antique mirror became a pivotal character, a silent observer of Kate's grief, her longing, and her descent into the unknown.

This film allowed me to explore the intricacies of the human psyche, particularly the depths of grief and the yearning to reconnect with lost loved ones. Through Kate's journey, I sought to convey the profound emotional rollercoaster that accompanies loss and the fine line between reality and the supernatural.

Visually, I aimed to create an atmosphere that mirrored the emotional turmoil of our protagonist. The play of light and shadow, the hauntingly beautiful compositions, and the deliberate pacing all served to immerse viewers in Kate's world and her increasingly unsettling experiences.

Sound design became an essential tool in accentuating the emotional impact of the film. The carefully orchestrated soundscape, ranging from eerie silence to spine-chilling crescendos, played a pivotal role in intensifying the sense of foreboding that enveloped Kate's narrative.

"The Mirror" is not just a film; it's a reflection of the human condition. It invites viewers to explore their own complex emotions, their relationship with the unknown, and the ever-present yearning for connection. For me, this project was an opportunity to engage with the profound mysteries that mirrors hold, both in our lives and within the depths of our souls.

Ray Dong is a Los Angeles-based film director and producer, originally from Dalian, China. His passion for the world of cinema was ignited during his sojourn in the United States seven years ago. Ray completed his undergraduate studies in Film & Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, followed by an impressive journey in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, where he graduated with honors in MFA Filmmaking. Ray specializes in the captivating genre of horror films and is excited to introduce his latest project, "The Mirror," to the festival circuit. With a substantial portfolio of directing and producing numerous short films, Ray Dong emerges as a dynamic force in the film industry.


Writer/Director/ Producer - Rui Dong
Producer - Zuyou Liu
Director of Photography - Sihua Wang
Production Designer - Qian Zhou
Post-production Producers - Yuchen ZhaoPost
1st Assistant Director - Nikhilesh Singh1st
Production Manager - Shafi Nebal
Art Director - Yingjie Jin
Set Designer - Yulong Zhao
Property Master - Hyunjin Lee
Gaffer - Mingyuan Liu
Key Grip - Matteo Leva
Makeup Artist - Zhixuan Li
Production Sound - Ruidong Wang
Colorist - Xingyu Chen
Associate Producer - Shuqi Yan

Sia Kravchenko - Kate
Dima Rilen - Dan
Lance Reynolds - Store Owner
Stefan Lysenko - Store Owner (Voice)