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MONSTER DESIGN - A large gecko with teeth
MONSTER INTERACTION - Sure, some chasing
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - These monsters are just big animals...
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - No jumpouts or haunting fear factor,

PRACTICAL EFFECTS - Some really rough wire work.
CGI ANIMATION - I actually liked the bear at the get go!
FX MAKEUP - No blood was showcased and no one had to work really hard in this department.

STORY - I so wished for a story that made sense, had stakes, and took us somewhere. Alas.
CHARACTERS - These characters have almost no depth. Or drive. Or authenticity.
DIALOGUE - Good lord.

In a hunt for preserving the worlds most rare large creatures, most characters are barely able to find themselves. This is on par with one of those poorly-constructed-but-fun-if-you-don't-care-what-your-watching kind of films. Maybe it was the rough acting at every junction. Maybe it's the drug out monster sequences that don't gain any tantalizing visual effects. Maybe it's the fact that putting fangs on a big gecko is not interesting. Whatever it might be, know that this movie is, without question, a creature feature. I almost wish the bear was the focus of this movie. I had much more fun being thrown into 4 minutes of a battle with a colossal bear than i did the remaining 128 minutes that showed a handful of people trying to run from a man-eating creature. And why is it there???




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