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MONSTER DESIGN - The demon girl was average for me but I loved the design for the walking dream beasts
MONSTER INTERACTION - The creature (demon) really drove the plot.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - There isn't very much that is new or breaks the mold AND i still will give props for the the monsters impact.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - There were some moments of jump scare that genuinely got me early.

PRACTICAL EFFECTS - There was a lot of work to do for this. For sure to be acknowledged.
CGI/ANIMATION - I rather liked the dog-daemons.
FX MAKEUP - I mostly base judgement on blood and a few gore moments.

STORY - The exorcist story is not new but they did work to shake it up a bit.
CHARACTERS - No HUGE hokey moments and the mustached friend was genuinely authentic for the most part.
DIALOGUE - Nothing terribly stood out which maybe is a good thing?

When you mess with the bull, you are bound to get the horns... An exorcist film with a twist! Looking at some modern intricacies of Twitter verifications, followers, and likes, I appreciated the modern intent of a demon film. What gave this movie its strongest points were the make-up and weird dog dream designs. I felt like nothing was totally out of place. It is easy to say where this film is going (even after a few drinks, as I did) but if you "lean into the spin," as my colleagues embrace, this lives in the ideal world of creature feature. When you have one set for 90% of the film, you can really play into that location.




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