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MONSTER DESIGN - Ambiguity between ghosts and demons. Perhaps the devil.
MONSTER INTERACTION - I appreciate a movie that makes me question the validity and psychosis of the characters. At play in this film is all of this.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY - We don't see the "creature," until the end and when we do, it bears resemblance to a demonic presence but did not feel that unique.
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR - I will give a split 5 for the wonder revolving around ghosts vs. demons.
PRACTICAL EFFECTS - I loved a few of the bloody moments. Jarring and poignant.
CGI ANIMATION - very few moments but it was challenging to decipher what was CGI or not which is a good sign
FX MAKEUP - Blood. Vomit. Sores. Face tearing. Excellent.
STORY - I found the storyline actually really confusing at times. With that though, it was beautifully shot and pieced together well.
CHARACTERS - Bumbling idiot as protagonist. Believable moments and interactions that felt earned.
DIALOGUE - A large shift from whimsy to worrisome in storyline and dialogue reflected this shift as well.

A solid film. A long investment of a horror flick but there are countless gorgeous shots and intriguing transitions. A massive tonal shift in this movie in the middle from comedy to horror. Be prepared for some slow moments and to sit in a bit of confusion for a few. If you can ride that out end enjoy a good glass of wine in those moments, it may score higher for you. There is also a lot of jumps from quiet to frantic throughout the story and that will keep you on your toes. The larges points in this film for me come from make-up and practicals. This was not a movie about tricks and every single moment drove the fear factor in the storyline. I would also caution those who have a deep appreciation of animals as there are a few moments that will shake you. Lastly, the acting in this film feels authentic, earned, and the relationships between characters hold genuine reality. Perhaps this film should score higher from me but for now, I will sit with this.




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