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This movie has all the tropes of a classic b-movie. lots of pointless nudity, really horrible acting and pretty piss poor writing. What it also has, though, is some beautiful examples of really expertly crafted full body and face prosthetics. Plus some really nice practical effects. They built the monster and they put him in the scene, he wrestles and bites, claws and bellows, no CGI needed, no green screen, just clay, latex, paint and some nice looking teeth. The story is good and simple, easy to follow. there's not really alot of loose ends or side characters which makes it an easyish watch. It does drag a bit, such is a usual issue with early 90's b-movies, and it is also extremely grotesque. Right out the gate we've got a digit severing by way of teeth and sharpened in the broad dungeon light. Its clear these guys saved money on the talent and gave it all to the effects guys which, in my book, is how it should be.




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