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To an appreciative audience Jon Favreau's screen adaptation of the graphic novel, Cowboys and Aliens, is the golden standard of blockbuster entertainment and a shining achievement of sci-fi cinema. To those less appreciative of the style Cowboys and Aliens is derivative, ticket pushing, big movie fodder. Luckily, with a title like Cowboys and Aliens any critic or cinephile with an affinity for the intellectual and adversity toward action should have fair warning that this piece is not for them. Favreau's biggest success in the flick is his ability to keep a constant light hearted tone. Through the larger-than-life action and drama the witty writing and heartfelt performances from the A-list ensemble remind the audience that we're all in on the same joke. Favreau's awareness of exactly what he was building, from inception to realization, allows the film to get away with some pretty hokey, hackneyed aliens and some pretty shallow character developments and relationships without feeling trite. Although a rockstar cast lead by Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell could make even those most uninspired content feel intentional and fun.




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