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"Wait, you're telling me that bigfoot isn't the only monster out there?" along with a couple other glowing one-liners clue the audience in to the fact that director, Bruce Wemple, figured adding a second monster in the woods would be all the novelty his most recent unredeemable monster flick would need to stand out. I suppose we are also meant to stretch our suspension of disbelief right over the party city quality makeup's that are blatantly reused from Wemple's works of the previous year, Monstrous and The Retreat. As a whole, the film is hackneyed to the point of satire. Wemple steers his cast of grossly amateurish actors embodying shells of characters through every teen horror trope imaginable. From dusty haunted book full of dark sketches and scribbles to over-cranked head shaking possessions, with guest appearances by "Hinged medicine cabinet mirror" gag and "what tripped the motion sensor light, i'm the only one out here" moment. Emo last girl, first blood popular blonde, nerdy survivor, virgin art student, even pointlessly evil redneck and creepy sage general store clerk - Wemple leaves no box unchecked and somehow ties it all back to two underdeveloped creatures who's intricate, mystical lore is bastardized by the film's surface level portrayal. All par for course for a Bruce Wemple horror flick.




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