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Fun, twisty, exciting alien movie. Really good for a netflix film. I was pleasantly surprsised. There's alot of what seems to be tropey stuff in there, but it all gets retroactively explained in a nuanced way which is definitely fun. Again, it's twisty, which is not always my favorite, but it's done in a way that keeps you enthralled in the movie. The expose bit is well earned enough to keep the audience from tuning out. I love the writing, I loved the acting. Really the only thing that took me out of this film at all was the god damn kids. Hoe many time can two little girls freeze at the site of something scary and endanger the whole rest of the ensemble. That was much for me. Like, please stop screaming "daddy I'm scared". We get it. it's annoying. It may be realistic or whatever, but it's annoying. Please stop crying and screaming.




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