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It looked great. The lighting was beautiful, the make up was top shelf, the practical effects were on point, they even nailed the subtle CGI effects. Unfortunately all of that is inspite of a terrible acting ensemble and a very confusing, unrefined script. The leading lady was almost unwatchable. The entire thing is based in this prison, specifically around the layout of this prison, and the whole time we have know idea where the hell we are or what direction we're going in or why everyone is so concerned about what's behind the door that we could have sworn we just walked in or out of? We are simultaneously exhiled and trapped on an island and also running from townies that are freely entering the prison we're trapped in by...what... walking across the water that is apparently trapping us here? Again, inspite of all this confusion, the effects, the monster work, it's all jsut strong enough to make this movie still worth a watch. but only just barely.




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