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Luz is a short, elegant and complex piece. Shot entirely on 16mm, every moment of the 70 minute long story is captured in artful, purposeful imagery supported by a delicious brooding soundtrack and eerily enchanting lighting. Writer/Director, Tilman Singer's counter-chronological, time bending style is certainly on the heavy side for such a short film. The multi layered flashbacks and recalls playing over each other all at once warrant a few moments of introspection, post credits, in order to fully grasp the intricacies of the convoluted plot. All to say, Luz is not cinema for the absent minded. Expertly navigating his elaborate script is Singer's ensemble cast, lead by the unstoppable Luana Velis, who's beautifully tormented and human portrayal of the haunted college age cabby and title character offers up a steady handle hold in the slippery story line. Complementing the nostalgic 16mm grain, Luz boasts a handful of sophisticated practical effects. As an art piece Luz is a puzzle that demands its audience's full attention, but is well worth work.




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