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Monster Run makes good on a couple promises; a few lovable, goofy, ready made for plush monsters and a whole lot of neon lit back-alley action. Being a 2020 Chinese blockbuster it is no surprise that ninety percent of the film is computer generated. It is also no surprise that it is visually stunning, if not a little overwhelming. Ground breaking feats of visual technology aside, an action flick - even one set in a lawless magical monster realm - cannot get by on flashing lights alone and director, Henri Wong's, rendition of A. Lee Martinez's book, Monster, is no exception to the rule. Perhaps being based on a 2009 Young Adult novel, some of Monster Run's issues were built in. At first 'meet-cute' the doe eyed heroin, Ji Mo's, babe-in-the-woods routine holds a charming familiarity similar to Meng, the monster hunter's, tough-guy-with-a-soft-spot shtick. But by the first heart-to-heart the lack of personality in these characters becomes as unignorable as the soap opera sparkle filter permanently adhered to Ji Mo's face. Contrary to the under explored characters, the story becomes more convoluted as the film progresses. The penultimate scenes each offer a unique barrage of information hurriedly attempting to bandaid gaping plot holes and explain away "outside-of-cannon" magical happenings before the credits roll. Monster Run succeeds in remaining true to a light hearted cartoony feel throughout, but it's lack of depth and over indulgence result in a movie thats little fun and a lot confusing.




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