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Oblivion is a solid action flick that, for any Cruise fan, will not disappoint. The story - despite being cemented in a "big twist" that to any sci-fi aficionado is obvious and familiar - is nuanced just enough to be watchable. What points it loses for novelty, though, it gains with a veteran all star cast. Tom Cruise delivers a perfectly balanced performance with his take on Jack Harper - suave with a healthy dash of panic and a good sense of humor. Knowing that at 51 he's still performing his own stunts heightens the grandiosity of the epic action sequences. A healthy dose of classic Morgan Freeman sagacious wit and a collection of supporting A-listers tops off the ensemble nicely. The nuclear apocalyptic setting is beautifully designed and expertly executed with a perfect balance of practical effects and computer generation and the same. can be said for the simple yet terrifying alien drones. In the end Oblivion may not be set on any pedestals in the hall of alien apocalypse movies, but it certainly scratches that itch.




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