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Fun movie, full of charm. Great balance of funny to gorey. Nothing takes itself too seriously which you dont get a whole lot of nowawdays, although this was made in 2016 in time where there was certainly alot more of that. The lion looked really terribly when it was CGI, but there were some rally incredible robotronics moments. especially the stuff in the tube slide. Also some really top notch effects make up and practicals. The whole movie is chalked full of severed limbs, corpses and active wounds. All executed brilliantly and some of it in broad daytime lighting which is always a pleasure to see. No it's not ground breaking, yes it's predictable - you can see the twist coming down the pike from about a mile and a half - but it is definitely enjoyable. I loved the writing and acting, not award winning, but it wasn't really supposed to be. kind of felt like everyone was dedicated, but also in on the joke.




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