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Pretentious and slow. Full of beautiful, spooky and artful imagery and sound, but it's all strong together on a loose idea, not a story. This film would fit in very well if it were looping on a gallery wall somewhere. I"m sure it did very well in the festival realm at Sundance and Slamdance and other arthousey kinds of festivals. Maybe this is a really good. movie and it's just over my head, but it feels like a movie that thinks it's really really good, but in reality, it's just kind of boring. The backstory, from what I came to understand later, is that the director spent seven years creating this film which is based on his real family experience. In fact, there is actual family home video intertwined in the film. This may make the movie better for some. For me it just explained all the reasons I disliked the film. For me, it was visually stunning and eerie and, at moments, even engaging, but the overall feeling I was left with as the credits roll is the same feeling I have when walking away after an hour and a half of listening to someone explain the nightmare they had last night.




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