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It's hard to knock the classics and The Lost Boys is certainly one of them. It was of the earliest to re -'vamp' the sexy undead idea, with some real heavy 80's nostalgia cool-guy vamp get ups, complete with feathered and teased hair-do's, beach worthy hogs, and leather jackets with lots of snaps and straps. It's a fun watch, not because you'll see anything new, but because you might see the roots of some of your favorite modern undead flicks. Lost Boys is also of an era where movies were still made for large screens, so it's full of these giant, beautiful sets pictured in nice wide shots so you can really soak it all in. It's reminiscent of some of its other 80's horror cousins, so if you're into Fright Night or The Goonies then The Lost Boys should probably be next line. Unfortunately, nostalgia and originality aside, the story, the acting and the writing are all a little lack luster. It seems as though the film focuses more on the hotness factor of the vamp pack than putting these characters in any sort of interesting scenarios. Although, that also tracks for horror flicks of its era. In the end, maybe The Lost Boys doesn't view quite as strong to day as it did back in '87, but it holds respect for paving the way for the may 'hot vamp flicks' that have followed its tire treads through the sand.




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