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This movie starts off very promising. I really like the dialogue, it's very 90's adventure, kinda nochalant, kinda cheeky, but understated. I really enjoy how they set up the mystery. Also very classic, dropping little ominous hints here and there that all obvious build to something and are engaging, but not too confusing. It kind of feels like there were two different effects teams, one on the beast and one on everything else. The 'everything else team absolutely killed it. There's a number of cadavers and carcasses that look really nice. The creature is a pretty even balance of CGI and anamatronics/puppet work. The CGI is very bad. The practical stuff looks really nice, but is just really stiff. The creature design was just a little ahead of its time. the tech avaiable just wasnt good enough to be able to show as much as they did without alot of the momemts coming across a little cheesy. This is why, for me, the worst part if the movie is the last 20 minutes where we are no longer wondering what thing might be commiting these murders and now we're just running from it. The climax just fell really flat, becuase they just couldnt quite get the thing to move in the world the way somebody had invisioned it would.




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