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True to Shudder original form, The Shed offers some high bar creature effects and makeups. Even some nice blood effects and some passable stunt work too, but it doesn't offer much more. The small ensemble of minor league actors - showing individual promise and bringing real energy to the derived character list - are so under-directed it leaves the audience without much to stand by. The Shed's dialogue and characters are so undeveloped and flat that even the most accomplished actor's performance may be snuffed out. Case in point: a supporting role from decorated actress Siobhan Fallon Hogan who, despite her hardened acting chops, still couldn't breathe life into her cookie cutter character. The premise is intriguing, but quickly becomes yet another unexplored, underdeveloped element of the film. It's tone ricochets jarringly between teen romance, grunge horror, indy pop, and 80's nostalgia then the whole piece culminates in a battle royale style vamp brawl that reads more Scooby doo than Stakeland. The Shed is 5 minutes of an original idea, buried under and hour and a half or derivative fluff.




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