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This movie has some of the most creative pracitcal effect work I've ever seen. The movement of the monster 'The Stuff' is so incredible. They use a balance of fabricated goo that slimes at differing speeds, stop motion with clay or something, and even rotating the entire room and strapping talent to the cieling in order to change the flow of the ooze. There are numerous moments where I was unable to figure out how they executed the effect which is pretty impressive for an 80's movie. It seems unique in sotry, but really it's very similar to some other movie's of it's time. It's got the whole 'hive mind' thing going on like 'Body Snatchers' or ;Society', but the Stuff itself, i've never seen before. It's corny most of the way through, it's hokey for alot of it, the acting is maybe a little foned in, but enjoyable. Worth a watch for the practicals alone.




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