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The Tomorrow War can be chalked up to a few fleeting moments of juicy and exciting creature action drowned in an hour and a half of Disney-esque drama, derivative right down to the sound track. The vicious, tentacled and toothy aliens are incredibley designed and a joy to watch, but the film's lack of depth is so blatant that it spoils the action. The premise of a cross dimensional draft is an interesting jumping off point, but it is gravely unexplored. The movie, instead, focuses on squeezing in every beat of teen dystopian movie trope, forcing its cookie-cutter characters into hackneyed emotional scenarios. Rightfully so, audiences bank on a certain lovably goofy, everyman hero treatment from leading man, Chris Pratt, but director, Chris McKay, leans heavily on Pratt's underdeveloped dramatic side. Pratt is able to sustain serious dialogue about as well as this blockbuster is able to sustain serious drama, which is not at all. The performances from co-starring A-listers, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin and J K Simmons are also wasted on flat characters. The aliens are cool, but the every other aspect of the film is corny. At least Starship Troopers was in on the joke.




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