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What really makes this movie is how well thought out the story and monster design is. An original zombie movie is really hard to come by, but this one really stands out. The look of the zombies is nothing new, although the make up is top tier, It's the behavior of the zombies as a whole thaht really makes WWZ's sombies stand apart from the rest. The 'wave' effect they create with the CGI is so effective and well done. I also love how the Zombie actors always lead with there teeth. It's also nice to see a smart hero, which is not always something you see in zombie flicks, especially newer ones. There are lots of tropes that they decided to exclude and some really nice elements that they added in. Taping some cardboard to the forearms, chopping off the bit hand, using the bicycles for swift and silent travel. Simple, but so effective. Really excellent film. Acting couldn't really have been any better, I love the dialogue, and I especially love the marriage between the CGI effects and the practical effects. Both tools were used in exactly the right ways. It's nice to see a big holloywood action flick budget put to good use to create a really well rounded monster movie.




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