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This is about as non-monsterish as a movie can get while still being applicable to the BITENIGHT scoring rubric. If this were a good movie I would say something like, "Wrong Turn 2020 attempts to turn classical horror tropes on their head by begging the question,"who really is the monster here, the primitive band of skull toting, pelt wearing mountain hunters or the gang of yuppies trespassing on their land?" IF this was a good movie I would commend it on its attempt at telling a hackneyed story from a different perspective. But this is NOT a good movie. While the story hints at going in some creative directions it does not maintain course and, instead, meanders aimlessly like a lost teen off the Appalachian trail, leaning heavily on the tropes of every other made-in-a-month, teens vs hillbilly movies. The costume, hair and makeup design for the tribe of hunters up the hill is boring and nonsensical and, worst of all, uncreative. Same goes for the set design. There are a couple well built carcasses and even a bloody, bashed in skull or two which were successes in my book, but that is out weighed by some aggravating wound prosthetics that are really just extensions of the beauty makeup. It does seem as though this was a cast of actors that had real chops and could have done very well if they had been given better material to work with. All this is really just to say, don't bother, go watch the original.




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