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A.M. Vasquez


7 Minutes




A man hears a woman screaming for help outside his window. He acts in an abnormal snap decision that leads to a haunting torment.

The making of Beg, well damn the idea came from an actual horrible night of a woman screaming outside my apartment. We always had a few strugglers outside that apartment complex. I remember going to my window to see if there really was any trouble this time, you can never be too sure. I saw the lady now dancing with herself and singing a song. She had a bottle of something in her hand. I sighed and went back to bed. It was hard to go back to sleep. Not just from the loud singing, but from that small experience. It took a twist in my mind. I couldn't stop thinking of what I would do if it was a real emergency, not just a drunk woman. What if the woman really needed help? What if she was covered in blood, banging for dear life at my window screaming for help! What would the average person do? What would it make them if they didn’t help?

Our apartment complex was known to be haunted. One night I wandered around to the complex which the film was actually shot at. There is a top floor where there is a workout room, then there is another room opposite from that is a yoga room, no one ever uses. Far from the yoga room was this secret area that you would really never guess even existed. I found it out of curiosity late one night. There was this sauna and restroom buried in the solitude of the complex. It was very eerie to discover, especially at night.The next day I talked to people in the office of the apartment complex. I told them I never knew we had a sauna available. They only told me that no one ever uses it or notices it. They were surprised I even found it.
After discovering that place and hearing that I mean I HAD to film in that sauna and so I did.
The haunting sauna became a key scene in the final act of BEG. A few months later that sauna was removed. They turned that whole area into another office space for the complex since no one ever goes there. BEG is literally the last of that sauna.

The concept of BEG came from the curiosity of how guilt can be like a bondage to the soul. When you're guilty it’s hard to get over, it can haunt you for the rest of your life. I wanted to tell a story about almost being a metaphor to that. Real or imaginary can be a part of the grief reaction to guilt. I pressed on that overview of guilt and found my vengeful spirit to be my metaphor and symbolism, the haunting of guilt as a real entity.

A.M. Vasquez is an American film director/writer. A.M. first started telling stories at the age of nine years old. She began writing her first short story “The Odd Tree” right after gaining ambition from watching the Stephen King film 1408 in the theater. A.M. had always been inspired by Stephen King and how he had both movies and books by him. When A.M. first saw the words "Based on a book" then the words "Directed by" on screen she asked her father at the end of the movie "Who makes the movies?" Her dad pointed to the credits. "All of those people," he said. That was the moment she wanted to be those people. A.M. was raised in Texas and later traveled to Hollywood, California to study directing and writing. She gathered a bouquet of tools in filmmaking and set off to work on multiple films at The Los Angeles Film School. A.M. Swims near the genres of Psychology thriller and horror naturally because A.M. has always lived in her own spooky world. Thus being revealed in her films as bizarre, abstract, twisted, dark, horrific, and psychological. A.M. studied Psychology at Austin Community college for a while in Austin, TX. She has always been passionate about mental illness. You can always find psychological elements in her writings and films. A.M. Vasquez is a passionate and ambitious storyteller and has always said “Storytelling is all I know.” She has directed, written, and produced films. In between writing scripts, producing and directing her own films. A.M. Vasquez has also a horror novel “The Pale Ones” coming very soon to haunt a bookshelf near you.


Director/Writer/Producer - A.M. Vasquez

Adam Vasquez