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Esabella Strickland


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An urban legend about a girl who has been bullied and socially alienated in school because of her learning disabilities. She is so lonely that she makes friends with a boy in the forest and soon disappears with her red ball (her heart).

At a young age I was bullied in school because I learned differently (having ADHD and Dyslexia) I was Socially Alienated. It was after I changed schools that I began to gain confidence. It was the help of Young Movie Makers to help me tell stories that empower the GenZ generation. - Esabella Strickland

Described as a "Renaissance Girl" for her multitude of talent. 15-year-old Esabella A.K. Strickland is a Multi Award-Winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Award-Winning Actress, Media Host, and Writer. Esabella is also an Artist, and GenZ Influencer based out of Vancouver, BC. She is a young, raw talent who is a learning disability advocate and empowering figure against bullying through the arts.

Esabella starred in local indie short films Enlightenment, Things You Take, and Arthurs Gift. She also co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in the Short Film My Red Ball and The Notebook through the Young Movie Makers Program. My Red Ball handles themes of bullying, written through Esabella's own life experience, it has gone to appear in over 60 International Film Festivals, winning at 10 of them.

Esabella has also made appearances on local productions of Travelers, Goodboys, and Series of Unfortunate Events. She recently landed a role on a California milk commercial and a role on an unannounced feature film that will appear in theatres in spring 2022. Esabella is also the youngest member and supporter of Women In TV and FIlm Vancouver.

Esabella has won several film festival awards for her feature film screen adaptation of her Novel Then and There, Here and Where. including winning the grand prize of $250,000 US at the Your Script Produced Screenwriting contest. She was also behind the camera for A Conversation with E which was made through the CineLab Filmmaking Camp. A Conversation with E is already a film festival winner and fan favorite. Esabella also teamed up with Paul Greene to help produce her first independent short film A Dialogue with Pandora.

Esabella recently joined Graisland Entertainment as a GenZ Screenwriter . Esabella is collaborating with Producer and Screenwriter Michael Grais (Poltergeist) on the next generation of Horror Films including their feature film Death Noise. Michael Grais is also the producer on the Feature FIlm Adaptation of Then and There Here and Where - A Orabella the Oracle Saga

Esabella has finished co-writing her first Young Adult Novel. Then and There, Here and Where, which was published March 2nd, 2021. The main character of the book; Orabella has a learning disability while learning to become a heroine. Esabella's goal is to have girls feel connected and empowered by Orabella. It has appeared #1 on Amazon's hot new release list.


Writer/Director - Esabella Strickland
Producer - Young Movie Makers

Esabella Strickland - Esabella

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