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Rodrigo Venegas, Vicente Venegas


5 Minutes




In every work of art there is a hidden story ...
Luciano is the owner of a strange painting that keeps a terrible story and a sordid curse that has trapped the dark soul of a monk for more than 600 years and who will try by all means to free himself by contacting Luciano through the social network Facebook.

"We made the short film with the sole intention of entertaining, surprising and leaving a door open for a future feature film"

Rodrigo Venegas

He started his Audiovisual career in 2018 after having worked for more than 20 years as a designer in different areas of design, his first audiovisual work were capsules of action sequences and then went on to achievements linked to advertising, in the same year he directed and he made his first music video for the artists Osornino Juan Pablo Oyarzo entitled “Fruto del desamor” being this audiovisual branch that would lead him to make his first film attempt called “John Cuek” which deals with the unfortunate adventures of an agent who tries to catch a ruthless murderer, after that came more music videos for various national and international artists, also venturing into making urban music videos for different exponents of the TRAP genre, in the year 2020 and under the global Corona virus pandemic. who decides to make his first short film called “El Cuadro” with his 13-year-old son Vic Ente Venegas, a Horror short film that deals with the story of a painting possessed by a malevolent spirit who communicates with Luciano (the owner of the painting) to free himself from the curse of having his soul trapped in said work of art.
He is currently preparing a short film and his first feature EVA (action short) and John Cuek (action and comedy).

Vicente Venegas

Vicente is a 13-year-old teenager who 2 years ago worked with his father in the audiovisual world, he started as a production assistant, in charge of order and the transfer of equipment, and then gradually began to participate in audiovisual work being his first great approach to cinema in the Short Film "El Cuadro" where he participates as screenwriter, cameraman, co-director, and actor playing the monk, being a fundamental piece in the production. restless, with quick ideas that contribute to the development of each story that together with his father they have been able to capture both on paper and on camera.


Co-director/writer/producers - Rodrigo Venegas, Vicente Venega
Cowriter - Pablo Roldán

Rodrigo Venegas
Vicente Venega