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"Cute and quirky with a perfect balance of smart to awkward humor, Werewolves Within is an instant indy horror classic that must not go unwatched"


"Not a film for the faint of heart... actually not sure who a flick like this might be for, but it does offer some high caliber effects work and a uniquely terrifying take on the undead"


"This is a great film if you are looking to be a bit disturbed"


"This is a sorry excuse for director, Sam Walker, to get a small cast of amateur Aussie actresses half naked and writhing in slime. It wasn't worth it for them and isn't worth it for the audience either"


"This was a poorly crafted film. The acting was some of the worst I've ever seen and the dialogue was worse. If you are looking for a film to intrigue you, keep searching..."


"A refreshing take on a direly troped-up genre, The Old Ways is a must watch"


"A really solid film! I enjoyed it and i wasn't sure that i would until we reached the credits"


"Watchable for the soundscape and a couple other well executed classic horror techniques, but you'll have to look past a lack luster storyline to enjoy it"


"Maeve Higgins delivers a flawless performance as the sweet and quirky, Rose - earnest, understated, goofy and fun"


"Fright Night 2011, with a perfect sense of humor, good classic horror vibes and an incredible cast, feels like a fitting homage to the original instead of the cheap rip-off it easily could have been"


"A perfectly written and acted cast of characters plus some beautiful noir cinematography and unstoppable effects work make Let Me In a must-see for any cinephile"


"I enjoyed this film a lot. A few chaotic and messy vampire moments were fun to watch and not overly stylized. Big points overall for me"

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