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The Sadness replaces the hackneyed, mindless-hunger-for-flesh zombie with their own gruesome version of the infected. Undead, yes, but remaining cognizant, thinking and terrifyingly emotionless save only for the abject joy they apparently glean in inflicting unthinkable evils on anyone and anything that isn't quick enough to get away. This uniquely horrific work in the creature department allows the movie to slip in other areas. Namely, some pretty shallow characters and a derivative premise that, even for a pandemic response flick, feels pretty on-the-nose. The wrath of the Sadness also presents the opportunity for some really grotesque and over the top blood and gore effects. None of which seems out of place for the film which pretty well warns the audience of what they're in for right up front, but most of trots right up to the line of poor taste and scrambles passed - blood soaked necrophilic parties and sexualized mutilations not excluded. The Sadness is a well executed and uniquely terrifying experience that will leave its audience feeling dirty and disturbed, so if you're into that sort of thing, good luck.




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