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Monster Design: Fungus ridden humans/zombies. Great make-up but held in line with humans.
Monster Originality: Having various levels of infected created complex interactions.
Monster Interaction: We have heard this story before. However, the context of theses monstrosities is it's strength.
Monster Fear Factor: A good deal of suspense created with who is capable of killing!

Practical Effects: Some lovely and formidable
CGI/Animations: I wasn't able to decipher a great deal of CGI but there were some bloody moments that tied in nicely.
FX Makeup: Fantastic crusty human faces. Loved the showcasing of zombie faces.

Story: I loved the trajectory of this piece. Excellent.
Characters: The characters all had complex arches and intriguing intricacies.
Dialogue: Nothing stood out to me as overbearing, unrealistic, or painful.

This was an excellent "zombie," film. I was brought in right at the get go and loved watching the characters experience the world authentically. The lead actress, as well as the supporting actors, was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed watching this young individual experience the world truthfully for the first time. Now, the story of infected is something that has been frequently utilized in storytelling but with the emergence of learned circumstances of how these came to be and how they will continue in the world is what sold me on this film. One thing not rated on this film is the soundscape. The clicking sounds of the infected (especially the children), the suspenseful drones of sickening anxiety, and the incorporation of silence all constructed a splendid environment for the viewer. Lastly, the set dressing and nuanced world building of organics is also to be commended.




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