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MONSTER DESIGN: Looks like a fine group of hamburger ladies.
MONSTER INTERACTION: i mean, they did chase them, bite them, and put spells on them.
MONSTER ORIGINALITY: There is so little that is new and exciting in these "monsters."
MONSTER FEAR FACTOR: No real reason for any of the fear to be earned.

PRACTICAL EFFECTS: I really appreciated the crow moments and squibs.
CGI/ANIMATION: It by no means saved the film, but the very sparse moments didn't detract hugely.
FX MAKEUP: The was a great deal of blood and a few moments of the film felt gruesome and well executed.

STORY: I went in hoping for more western than I received.
CHARACTERS: I found motivations and acting choices shallow and trite.
DIALOGUE: Tied into dialect, this felt all over the map.

I would not recommend this film to many people. There were a few moments of enjoyable effects (mainly in a blood and gore interactions). With this, the supporting sound was scattered and moments of the film look like they were shot in someones modern home. The monsters themselves looked like steak body suits and did not feel effective or authentic. So many moments of unearned intimacy between characters. I really wanted this movie to be darker, not in color but in intentions and fear factor. You could skip this film...




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