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Monster Design: We did not see a great deal of the monster(s), but when we did...
Monster Originality: Many moments of jarring and creepy spirit interaction.
Monster Interaction: We sat with mostly unseen forces but how they manifested was interesting
Monster Fear Factor: Almost peed a little at certain parts...

Practical Effects: When the CGI and practical blends beautifully.
CGI/Animation: Sparsely used but effectively implemented.
FX Makeup: Very subtle here other than the girl being sick and extreme fatigue.

Story: The interlacing of bomb scares and paranormal was intriguing.
Characters: I feel like the mother was a little harsh at moments...
Dialogue: Held a good deal of realistic and authentic dialogue

The soundscape was very delicate and allowed for us to listen intently without leading us too directly. Suspense holds a major card in this film and the moments that the camera leads us astray by angling in odd ways or staying with certain moments too long is really eerie. I enjoyed the acting and the relationship between mother and father felt very real. I did want a bit more "creature feature," in this one but as a horror film that incorporates dangerous beings, I give it high marks.




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