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Jon Goodman makes this movie. He would make this movie much better if he occupied more space in it. Aside from Goodman, the other things that this film has going for it include some heavy early 90's charm, some really top notch practical effects, and some extremely impressive live spider wrangling. The story is well balanced and well paced. Not a whole lot of surprises, but the writing is witty enough and the acting is charming enough to keep the audience engaged. The creature is just a big spider with no nuance which lost it points for me. While the animatronics were top notch and the puppetry really knocked my socks off - not to mention the live animal/insect wrangling - I really would have loved to see something extra with the queen at the end. Maybe she has 10 legs instead of 8. Maybe she's crazy big instead of just unnervingly big. All in all, I had fun watching it and I think that's at least 30% due to the movie and 70% due to the fact that it happened to be our BITENIGHT NUMBER 100!!!!!!!




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