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Such a fun zombie movie. It's just not at all new. It's is no better nor more bad than any other indie zombie moive that has come before it. The zombies looks great, they also look just like the zombies from day of the dead, they move like the zombies from 28 days later and train to busan and, hell, sean of the dead. I really love the idea of the native Americans on the reservation being immune to the disease, but I really wish that had pushed it more. There's so little reference to any deeper native american culure other than the fact that they're on the reserve, the virus treats them different and every once and a while we get a cool line delivered in native tongue. It just seem like that's a culture so rich in lore that its a huge waste to not use some of that. The practical effects are super on point and very frequent which is awesome, but again, they're not effects I haven't seen before in movies of very similar caliber and tone (Stakeland). This is a solid zombie flick that I thouroughly enjoyed, but I can't shake the feeling that it could have been a whole lot more if someone had just pushed the idea a little further.




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